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中村英人 | Hideto Nakamura, Ph. D.

I am an organic geochemist interested in decoding molecular signals in sediments to understand the source and geological fate of lipid biomarkers (molecular fossils) and use them to study interactions involving organisms and its environment through the earth's history. Research topics include the development of molecular proxies for paleoclimatology and biogeochemistry, multi-biomarker approaches on the reconstruction of marine and terrestrial environments from Mesozoic to the present.

Researches (*contents are in preparation)

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PDF版も公開中です。PDF Version (
Plant-derived terpenoids 陸上植物由来のテルペノイド*🌳Plant-derived terpenoids 陸上植物由来のテルペノイド*2019/1/21 1:152021/4/9 15:09アルケノン古水温計の湖沼・沿岸域への応用 Alkenone paleothermometry in lakes and marginal seaアルケノン古水温計の湖沼・沿岸域への応用 Alkenone paleothermometry in lakes and marginal sea2018/12/6 10:182022/4/14 13:38Biomarker toolkit for paleoenvironmental reconstruction*🔎Biomarker toolkit for paleoenvironmental reconstruction*2019/1/20 14:112021/4/13 7:39


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Telephone +81 (0)11 706 2730
Address Hokkaido University Faculty of Science Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Kita-10-jyo Nishi-8-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0810, Japan

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Other Publications and Presentations

  • 仲村 康秀, 安藤 卓人, 高木 悠花, 加藤 悠爾, 廣瀬 孝太郎, 板木 拓也, 久保田 好美, 中村 英人, 松岡 數充 (2022) 島根大学エスチュアリー研究センター・日本プランクトン学会共催秋季シンポジウム「プランクトンと古環境・古生態系復元」開催報告, 日本プランクトン学会報, 69, p. 42-44.
Presentations 学会発表2019/12/24 8:172023/9/15 10:24

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  • Director, The Japanese Association of Organic Geochemists (2021-)
  • Service as a reviewer (summarized in Publons):
    • Geochemical Journal
    • Researches in Organic Geochemistry
    • Scientific Reports
    • Environmental Science and Pollution Research
    • Limnology and Oceanography

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理学部6号館9階 6-9-04 室(中村研究室) My office is 6-9-04 on the 9th floor of the Faculty of Science Building 6.